Monday, June 17, 2013

Awesome Father's Day Ride -- Let's do this again!

Yesterday's Father's Day Ride was awesome!  Thanks so much for all who came out and made it so.  I'll post a write up with pictures soon.

In the mean time, with all of this energy, on to the next ride: July 21, 2013.

There are a couple of options for routing between 2 spraygrounds, but I had another idea:

We could do a loop that starts and ends at Virgina Highlands, the new sprayground, which opens at 10am on Sundays. That means we could meet at 9am ish, bike around this pretty flat loop, and be back around 10am. It'll be July, so earlier will be better. The downside is that the loop is 5.5 miles. I can't figure out a shorter loop, and I can't find an out-and-back that's flat, interesting, etc.

What say you? Should we go crazy and have a longer, flatter ride, which would include the airport, lots of boats and the Pentagon?

Here are the options for routes between two spraygrounds.  Downside: Drew, Lyon Village and Hayes open at noon, and all are significantly uphill from Virginia Highlands.  So starting at Va Highlands isn't a great option.  In other words, the ride would have to start after 12:30pm.  We could do an afternoon ride (all spraygrounds close at 8pm on Sundays).  I'd recommend starting at 5pm.  The ride between spraygrounds will likely take 45 minutes.  We could do picnic dinner at sprayground #2. 

Hayes to Lyon Village: (hilliest, but on trails)
Hayes to Drew:
Lyon Village to Drew:
Drew to Hayes to LV:

Lyon Village to VA Highlands:
Drew to VA Highlands:

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  1. Me and my daughters would definitely up for the VA Highlands loop, or Hayes to Lyon Village or Lyon Village to VA Highlands. We're be coming from DC, so the routes that include Drew would be a bit much for me (and probably the kids, even though I'm the one doing all the pedaling.