Monday, May 23, 2016

Here comes the sun! May 2016 ride

Rain, rain, go away, come again... once a week or so, but mostly at night to keep our gardens happy.

That's right, we have LESS THAN A 50% CHANCE of rain Saturday morning (hey, we take what we can get). This month's Kidical Mass Arlington ride will take advantage of the warmer temps and (hopefully) the break in the moisture to explore the wilds of the Barcroft neighborhood.

When: Saturday, May 28, 2016. Meet at 10:00am (we'll play at the playground for a few minutes, aim to roll out a little after 10:15am)
Meet: Arlington Hall West Park playground.
End: That shopping center with the Outback at N Park St and 1st St N.

Parking is easy at the park and on the neighborhood streets. The ride back from shopping center to the park is an easy 1/2(ish) mile. All are welcome.

The Route:

We'll meet at the Park's playground (south of the parking lot -- note NO bathrooms or water there). Then we'll meander through the new-to-Kidical-Mass neighborhood of Barcroft, past the Elementary School, then visit a little familiar ground in Arlington Forest. We'll end at the shopping center at N Park St and 1st St N (with the Outback you can see from Rte 50). Some of us will stay for an early lunch at one of the restaurants in the shopping center (choices are Outback, Crystal Thai, Brick's Pizza) -- if anyone wants to reach out to one of those to ask for a discount, comment below (or on Facebook or email, etc).

The ride should be moderate for Kidical Mass -- a bit over 3 miles with some hills (none steep). The route has a lot of zig zags and loops, leaving open the possibility of a shorter, gentler route for slower riders. If you would like to lead that, comment below (or on Facebook or email, etc).