Sunday, December 9, 2018

Kidical Hains Point 100: December 2018

The HP100 is an awesome, fun day-long festival ride around Hains Point to raise funds and awareness for WABA’s Women & Bicycles program. Now in its seventh year, the HP100 is getting kidical (again): We will have our own special roll out and mini-loop (WITH SPECIAL KIDICAL HANDUPS/STOP-AND-GRABS ON THE ROUTE!!!) 

This isn't a typical Kidical Mass ride -- there will be lots of other riders doing a longer ride and we're just going to ride in a mini loop once -- but it'll be a blast.  The fun continues all day, and you are welcome to ride the entire loop and do as much or as little as you'd like!

We'll start and ride near the tip of Hains Point, which conveniently has an awesome play structure and bathrooms. The Hains Point loop is a completely FLAT 3 mile loop, our mini-loop will be a completely flat 1/2 mile, with a bit of gravel. There are no hills. Plus, it’s got scenic views of the river, the harbor (LOTS OF BOATS) and the airport (PLANES). 

There is no registration fee for the ride, however riders are encouraged to donate to WABA's Women & Bikes.  There are lots of giveaways, raffles, donations and hand-ups the people have donated that will be part of the fun. So if you are participating in the festivities,riders are encouraged to sign-up on the HP100 site.  Details about the ride, sign-up and donate here:

There is parking near the start/finish– please park cars along the side of the main street, and not in the start/finish section (there are plenty of spots on the sides).

Our mini-loop should end around the time of the first raffle prizes.  And stick around afterwards to check out and chat about the many family-friendly rigs that will be out there. And don't forget, there are active Kidical Mass rides all over the Washington area - come meet some of their regulars!

There will be lots of give-aways and treats. Come! Bring friends! Donate to WABA!

When:  Sunday, December 16, 2018, meet 10:30am, roll out 10:45am (though the fun will continue all day, and you’re welcome to come down any time)
Start/finish: Hains Point – the tip (the bike symbol on this map)
Parking: Along the sides of Hains Point

PS. Sunday morning weather is looking to be warmer than its been, but still cold-ish. Don't forget to bundle up!
Happy Holidays!

Saturday, October 27, 2018

November 2018: The Return of the Jr Park Ranger ride!

In early November, Kidical Mass Arlington will team up again with BikeArlington and the National Park Service and our riders will become Junior Park Rangers!!!

Kidical Mass Arlington is teaming up with BikeArlington to learn about the National Park in our backyard—The George Washington Memorial Parkway.  WalkArlington is also hosting a walk that will meet up at the end with the bike ride. National Parks Service Rangers will join both groups and share family-friendly information and neat activities. At the end of the event, everyone gets sworn in as Junior Rangers!

The event is free, but registration here:

We're going to ride around Arlington's own national park: the George Washington Memorial Park. This route hits the close-in highlights of the park that is lovingly called GW Parkway: We'll start at the Marine Corps War Memorial ("Iwo Jima"), then bike to the Netherlands Carillon. We'll then take trails to the Lyndon B. Johnson Memorial Grove, and then ride on the Mt Vernon Trail back to Theodore Roosevelt Island. In a little twist to the normal Kidical Mass Arlington ride, we will stop at all of the parks!

And there's more! BikeArlington and NPS Park Rangers have organized some activities for us -- we'll do a few activities at each park. At the end of the ride, all of the riders will have earned Junior Park Ranger credentials for the GWMP and Roosevelt Island. Yay!

The route is on the longer side and hillier side for one of our rides, but there will be stops. The route is all on trail, though there are some places where we'll cross streets in crosswalks - we'll be careful there. We can expect the Mt Vernon Trail to be used by others, and we will be respectful to others, staying to the right and allowing others to pass. Kids on their own bikes must be able to follow directions well. Expect the whole ride to last 60-90 minutes. Bring snacks and water to last to the end.

After the ride, families may wish to spend more time on TR Island. The route back from TR Island to Iwo Jima is a little less than a mile, and involves a short, steep hill. Through Rosslyn, families may be more comfortable biking on the sidewalk.

When: Saturday, November 3, 2018 9:30am (activities start at 9:30am!)

Meet: US Marine Corps War Memorial (Iwo Jima) N Meade St & Arlington Blvd; Arlington

Parking: On the surrounding residential streets.

End: Theodore Roosevelt Island


Register here:

All are welcome. Hope to see you there!

Monday, October 15, 2018

Halloween 2018: October 28 4:00pm.Clay Park


It's ba-ack...: time to put on your costume, light up your bike, and prepare to eat copious amounts of candy! Kidical Mass Arlington loves Halloween and this year we're partnering up with the Contes again to celebrate! 

Conte's Bike Shop in Virginia Square is throwing us a pizza party at the end of the ride!  Please respond to the facebook event ( so we know numbers (it's ok to to add on last minute, but it's better if you RSVP)! 

Same as last year, we'll meet at Clay Park in Lyon Park, where families can come early to play. Then we will bike off through the Ashton Heights neighborhood. We'll continue through the spooky parts of Ashton Heights and Lyon Park, including through a cemetery and past some of the best Halloween decorations in Arlington. Finally, we'll roll to Conte's Bike Shop on Wilson Boulevard, where we've been invited over for a pizza party! Thanks, Conte's, we can't wait!

When: Sunday, October 28, 2018
Meet: 4:00pm - 
Clay Park - North Highland Street and 7th Street North (roll out 4:15pm)
Parking: Neighborhood streets

The ride back to Clay Park from Conte's is very easy: 

The route is 3 miles and fairly flat.  We will be riding during dusk and it will be dark by the time you're riding home: be sure you're adequately lit and reflective!

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

October 2018, Ride 1: Arlington Fun Ride

Kidical Mass Arlington will ride twice this month, and the first is the Arlington Fun Ride this Saturday, October 13, for a super-extra special Family Ride.

When: Saturday, October 13
Meet: 10:00am - Crystal City - 18th Street and Crystal Drive
Parking: All over Crystal City (garages and on-street)

Yes, this is our fifth year teaming up with the Fun Ride (there was a short hiatus in 2017)! We'll start in Crystal City, after the intrepid souls doing the full Arlington Fun Ride leave for the (long and hilly) Arlington loop.  After a safety briefing, we'll roll out along the streets of Crystal City, then through the new and amazing Long Bridge Park.  We'll bump over the "developing" pavement of Long Bridge Drive and head into the Pentagon Reservation on Boundary Channel.  After a jaunt over the Connector Road, through the Pentagon Parking Lot tunnel, we'll ride beside Pentagon City Mall.  After riding through Aurora Highlands, we'll join the festivities in Crystal City celebrating the Arlington Fun Ride and Phoenix Bikes. And, just like last year, we'll have a police escort! Amazing!

Registration for the Fun Ride is encouraged! (though not mandatory -- your fee does get you a cool t-shirt and goes to support Phoenix Bikes).

The entire ride is 3.5 miles and flat (only 102 total feet of going up).  It's a perfect ride for anyone new to group riding (with or without kids).

Hope to see y'all there!

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Kidical Massive 2018: Oak Grove Park to Kids' Movie Sing-A-Long

**March 2020 Edit: the part of this route on the Donaldson Run Trail may be unrideable**

Oak Grove Park is one of the newest and coolest playgrounds in Arlington.  The children's movie sing-a-long is new to us and sounds like a super cool event.  After some serious recon, we've figured out a kidically friendly route to connect the two!

This Saturday, September 15, we'll meet at Oak Grove Park to play, then we'll ride through North Arlington, hitting up the Zachary Taylor Trail (or Donaldson Run Trail, depending on who you ask), ending with a bit of a climb up Military Road to end at the Church of the Covenant.  Those who wish can stay for the Children's Movie Sing-a-long (We'll also be a few blocks from Potomac Overlook Park).

It's also 2018 Kidical Massive - when kidical mass rides all over the world ride on the same day, making Family Biking international.

We'll "meet" at 3pm, but we won't roll out until 3:20p-ish, because it's a really great park.  There are NO bathrooms, so plan accordingly.  

When: Saturday, September 15, 2018
Meet: 3:00pm Oak Grove Park Quincy St N and 17th St N (we'll roll out from the 17th Street entrance about 3:20pm)
Parking: Neighborhood streets

The ride back to Oak Grove Park from Church of the Covenant is simple - head straight on Military, then turn right to stay on Military, which turns in Quincy and goes past Oak Grove.

The ride is 2.5 miles, but has some hills.  Nothing very steep or very long, but not our normal flat ride.  There are also some crossings where we'll need to be aware, and a very short stretch of sidewalk riding along Lee Highway.

All are welcome. Please help spread the word.

If there's a hurricane, of course we'll reschedule. We'll post here & on the Facebook event.

Monday, July 30, 2018

July 2018 - Rocky Run to ICE CREAM

Rocky Run Park is one of the best parks in Arlington, and it's time for Kidical Mass to head back there.  So this Saturday, we're going to hang out at the park for a while, ride around Clarendon and Ashton Heights, and end up at 
ICE CREAM (the Carvel beside Mario's in Virginia Square). 

We'll "meet" at 10am, but we won't roll out until 10:30am, because it's a really great park.  There are also water and bathrooms.  As an extra bonus, we'll ride through the cemetery, where there are few cars, and it's nice to let the kids go a little. We'll end at Mario's pizza/Carvel Ice Cream on Wilson Blvd (near Virginia Square), where families that want to can stay for ice cream.

When: Saturday, August 4, 2017
Meet: 10:00am Rocky Run Park - North Barton & Fairfax Drive
 (roll out 10:30am)
Parking: Neighborhood streets

The ride back to Rocky Run Park from Carvel is very easy:

The ride is planned for a hair less than 3 miles and it's pretty flat, especially once we've left Rocky Run.