Thursday, March 26, 2015

Scheduling, scheduling, scheduling

Image result for calendar clip artSpring is here! Time to schedule up for the prime season! 

First up, a few events coming up:
Saturday, May 2, 2015: Phoenix Derby - a fun, unique event (a bike race in a parking garage) that benefits the awesome non-profit, Phoenix Bikes. Kids races for ages 11 & under around 2pm.

Saturday & Sunday, June 13 & 14, 2015: Air Force Cycling Classic --  Both the Saturday race in Clarendon and the Sunday race in Crystal City feature the Ethan Klancnik Memorial Kids Race for kids under 9 to support Tay-Sachs Awareness and Prevention (in partnership with a local Clarendon family who lost a child to a rare genetic disease). Both are around noon, just before the pro races.

And now for Kidical Mass Arlington's schedule! We're generally riding on the third weekend of the month, and will mix in both Saturdays and Sundays

Here is the tentative schedule:

Sunday, April 19
Saturday, May 16
Sunday, June 27*
Saturday, July 18
Sunday, August 23**
Saturday, September 19
Sunday, October 17: Halloween ride (should we push this to the next weekend?)

If you have any ideas or requests for any of these rides - start/end location, neighborhood, even time of day or theme, just let me know (comments; kidicalmassarl AT gmail DOT com). If you're interested in leading a ride, definitely email. You may have noticed that Gillian, who leads these rides, is increasingly pregnant. It would be VERY helpful to have a backup ride leader for the April 19 ride, and probably the May ride as well.

* Note June is the 4th weekend of the month

** Note August is also the 4th weekend of the month

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