Friday, August 30, 2013

Quick update

We had a great little August Surprise ride last weekend.  Small group of great people.  We even had a couple of surprise hills on the course, but everyone got over them beautifully. 

I got my first taste of the Westover Beer Garden's brunch, which is great and very cyclist friendly.  There were tons of bikes parked outside (not just Kidical Mass bikes).  What I did not get was pictures. :-(  So you get to conjure up your best image of our completely wonderful ride with a small group, mostly on trails, with a few hills.  Yep, that's what it was like.

Huge thanks to all who came out.

Planning is underway for the Harvest Ride on Sunday, September 15.  Details are being discussed over on  our facebook page (please join the discussion there), and should be finalized next week.  We will end at the Columbia Pike Farmer's Market!

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