Sunday, May 16, 2021

We're back! May 2021 Live, In-person Ride!

What a long strange trip it's been!  We've missed in-person rides with other families during the pandemic, but with vaccinations progressing, data showing safety outdoors, and new cases decreasing, we're comfortable coming back together for an in person bike ride!

To celebrate Bike Month, we will meet at Lacey Woods Park in Arlington and make our way to the brand new TRAFFIC GARDEN at Arlington Traditional School. Our route will use Arlington's trails and neighborhood streets, and will have only small, not steep hills, crossing major streets at lights. The planned route is about 3.25 miles, but we can cut out that little loop and get it under 3 miles if folks are getting antsy.

We'll meet at 4:30pm, but will let the kids play a bit (and leave time for people who might be a bit delayed) and will roll out no earlier than 4:45pm.  The route will take us 30-45 minutes, putting us at ATS around 5:30pm. We encourage people to stay and enjoy the traffic garden at ATS.  There are also many great restaurants just a block from the school (Pupatella, Panda Cafe, something with arches), for those who want to grab food and enjoy a picnic at ATS. 

Everyone is welcome on our rides (as long as kids come with an adult), which are appropriate for all types of bikes. We often have kids on their adults' bikes or younger kids who are newer to riding on their own.  Older kids may find the ride to be slow & not very exciting, but are welcome to join the party as long as they're willing to enjoy the pace.

Masks: We want everyone to feel welcome and we recognize that all children and even many adults are not yet fully vaccinated. We also recognize that data shows outdoor transmission is very rare, bikes naturally keep people appropriately distanced, and masks can be hard for some to deal with while they're biking. Therefore, we ask that everyone wear masks while we're off the bike, but it's up to you whether you wear a mask while we're riding.

When: Sunday, May 23
Meet: 4:30pm - Lacy Woods Park (12th St N & N Frederick St) - roll out 4:45pm
Parking: Neighborhood streets

To get back to the start, you can use either George Mason (1/2 mile) or Harrison Street (3/4 mile) to connect back to Lacey Woods Park.

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