Sunday, September 9, 2018

Kidical Massive 2018: Oak Grove Park to Kids' Movie Sing-A-Long

Oak Grove Park is one of the newest and coolest playgrounds in Arlington.  The children's movie sing-a-long is new to us and sounds like a super cool event.  After some serious recon, we've figured out a kidically friendly route to connect the two!

This Saturday, September 15, we'll meet at Oak Grove Park to play, then we'll ride through North Arlington, hitting up the Zachary Taylor Trail (or Donaldson Run Trail, depending on who you ask), ending with a bit of a climb up Military Road to end at the Church of the Covenant.  Those who wish can stay for the Children's Movie Sing-a-long (We'll also be a few blocks from Potomac Overlook Park).

It's also 2018 Kidical Massive - when kidical mass rides all over the world ride on the same day, making Family Biking international.

We'll "meet" at 3pm, but we won't roll out until 3:20p-ish, because it's a really great park.  There are NO bathrooms, so plan accordingly.  

When: Saturday, September 15, 2018
Meet: 3:00pm Oak Grove Park Quincy St N and 17th St N (we'll roll out from the 17th Street entrance about 3:20pm)
Parking: Neighborhood streets

The ride back to Oak Grove Park from Church of the Covenant is simple - head straight on Military, then turn right to stay on Military, which turns in Quincy and goes past Oak Grove.

The ride is 2.5 miles, but has some hills.  Nothing very steep or very long, but not our normal flat ride.  There are also some crossings where we'll need to be aware, and a very short stretch of sidewalk riding along Lee Highway.

All are welcome. Please help spread the word.

If there's a hurricane, of course we'll reschedule. We'll post here & on the Facebook event.

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